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PGH Lending Database

You deserve to know the data.

What you need to know.





LMSDI compiled public investments in Pittsburgh neighborhoods from three main agencies responsible for affordable housing:

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP)

Pennsylvania  Housing Finance Agency (PHFA)

Urban Redevelopment Authority.


LMSDI also calculated  a decade of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, which were not neighborhood-specific, but were instrumental in supporting city agencies.

Daniel Holland.png

Daniel Holland

PhD, Lead Research Analyst and Author of "Inherited Inequality"

Ralph Bangs.png

Ralph Bangs

PhD, Center on Race and Social Problems Associate Director, University of Pittsburgh, Project Advisor

Laurence Glasco.png

Laurence Glasco

PhD, Associate Professor, History, University of Pittsburgh, Project Advisor

Joe W. Trotter.png

Joe W. Trotter, Jr.

PhD, Giant Eagle Professor of History and Social Justice Carnegie Mellon University, Project Advisor

Randy S. Weinberg.png

Randy S. Weinberg

PhD, Technical Facility Emeritus, Informational Systems Carnegie Mellon University, Project Advisor

Jerome Jackson.png

Jerome Jackson

Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator

LeTaj Tinker.png

LeTaj Tinker

Project Architect

Gegory Squires.png

Gregory Squires

PhD, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy & Public Administration, George Washington University, Project Advisor

LMSDI Engagement Team.png

LMSDI Community Engagement Team


The Lower Marshall-Shadeland Development Inititiative (LMSDI) evaluated the lending records of more than 900 banks which approved home mortgage loans in the city of Pittsburgh between 2007 and 2020.

We then evaluated the public and private financing by the City Council district to better understand where funds flowed, by neighborhood, based on a district analysis.

LMSDI’s objective is to understand the amount of  public and private funds from Pittsburgh neighborhoods received since the Great Recession of 2008. 

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Why you need to know.

According to a recent study by LMSDI,

$15.2 Billion

was invested through Private Lenders and Public Sector funding resources in the City of Pittsburgh's

90 neighborhoods.

Of that $15.2 Billion...

$11.8 Billion

was Privately Financed by Local Financial Institutions.

And only...

$3.4 Billion

was Publicly Funded by City of Pittsburgh and Federal Government Agencies

Click through the map of the 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods to see how you've been affected.


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So which neighborhoods received the funds?

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Follow The Money.

With all of the data that we've collected, you now have the ability to view which banks loaned to what neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh and how much each neighborhood received. You can find all of the information that we've discovered for each district below.

You can also view which districts received the most private and public funding from 2007-2019 and see how they rank .

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